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What We Do Today Can Change Tomorrow

Every law firm should have a guiding principle; at AKPC Law, every legal strategy and decision revolves around the idea that the law is a tool to make people’s lives better not just for today, but for years to come.

Attorney Arman Khoshnood takes the time to know you and learn about where you are in life and where you want to be. Mr. Khoshnood is an experienced Southern California lawyer and real estate broker with a decade of experience representing clients in all manner of issues. He can guide you through mediation or represent you in state and federal court, all while keeping your best interests at the heart of your case.

Learn more about his experience and background by clicking the link below:

In addition, AKPC Law is supported by an experienced paralegal, Ashley Meier, who brings knowledge and commitment to each case we take. To learn more about Ashley, click the link below:

A Law Firm You Can Trust To Treat Your Family Like Their Own

AKPC Law is an Irvine-based family law firm that puts people first. Mr. Khoshnood uses his experience and knowledge to support your family law goals, including:

  • Helping you navigate divorce and separation so that you have an emotionally healthier and financially stable life
  • Negotiating issues around the property, such as dividing shared assets, housing and family businesses
  • Finding a supportive and reliable parenting agreement for your children
  • Purchasing or selling your family home or family property

Family law issues are chaotic and disorienting, but the right resolution is the difference between a thriving future and a struggle.

Your Future Begins Here

Learn more about attorney Arman Khoshnood, his experience and his commitment to people-centered service. Schedule your free appointment online or at 714-656-3676. Mr. Khoshnood speaks English, Farsi and Spanish.

Attorney Arman Khoshnood
Arman Khoshnood
Ashley Meier

Ashley Meier